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martes, 18 de enero 2022
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Outreach at UdeA

Posted May 4, 2018

At UdeA, outreach is a two-way relationship of mutual learning based on the principles of communication, cooperation, training, knowledge production, and service. Additionally, outreach is guided by the principle of solidarity, developing programs and projects that serve the community’s most vulnerable sectors.

The university, as the hub of generation of scientific, technological, and cultural knowledge, becomes a driving force for development in Colombia and has a relevant influence on the transformation of the country’s conditions with a social responsibility, bringing together its three substantial dimensions: teaching, research, and outreach.

In accordance with Board of Trustees Ordinance 124 that establishes the basic regulation of university outreach, it “specifically aims at favoring and preserving the relationship of the university with its cultural environment. Culture consists of art, literature, science, technology, everyday activities, institutional forms, and symbolic and imaginary practices.”

Outreach is the way the university shares with the community the knowledge generated through teaching and research activities, contributing to a better quality of life of citizens; strengthening personal, collective, and institutional skills; and solving problems of the surroundings. In turn, it is how the university develops an institutional knowledge based on an analysis of the environment and responds to it according to its capacities.

Vice Rectorate for Outreach

The Vice Rectorate for Outreach of Universidad de Antioquia is the administrative entity through which the university proposes policies and guides, coordinates, encourages, promotes, and supports the university outreach.

This office leads processes of culture and cultural heritage, innovation, engagement with alumni, social responsibility and public-spirited outreach, and support to the management of projects of the academic and administrative units. For that purpose, it has six assigned units: Department of Cultural Outreach, University Museum, Innovation, Alumni Program, University Social Responsibility Program, and Project Management Unit.

Vice Rector for Outreach

Pedro Amariles Muñoz

He holds a PhD in Pharmacy from University of Granada in Spain (recognized as equivalent to a PhD in Pharmacology in Colombia), a master’s degree in Clinic Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy, a master’s degree and specialization in Pharmaceutical Care, and a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Universidad de Antioquia

He is full professor at Universidad de Antioquia and has held the following positions at the same university: creator and director of the Pharmaceutical Promotion and Prevention research group (since 2002), dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences (2010-2013), head of the Department of Pharmacy of the same faculty (interim: May 2002 - April 2003, full position: July 2003 - February 2004), and coordinator of the Outreach Center (2000-2002) of the same faculty; additionally, he held the position of pharmaceutical chemist at the La Merced public hospital in the municipality of Ciudad Bolívar (1994-1995).

During his period as dean, he managed to consolidate key projects such as the Intravenous Mixture Center of IPS Universitaria (university healthcare institution) and the mobile units for the meat and vegetable practicums of the academic programs related to food sciences in the regions.


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