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jueves, 9 de diciembre 2021


Research group


Chemistry of Energetic Resources and Environment QUIREMA

Academic Unit: Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences

Colombian Ministry of Science








Natural sciences


Chemical sciences

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Strategic Focus

The group’s aim is to carry out basic and applied studies related to the development and adaptation of technologies for the rational and environmentally appropriate use of energy resources. We are constantly seeking to establish academic relationships with national and international institutions and companies. The group’s research areas are focused on: the chemical and energy valorization of fossil fuels, biomass, and waste; catalyst synthesis and carbon materials; and the reduction of the environmental impact caused by fossil fuel use.

Research Areas and Topics

  • Chemical and energetic valorization of fossil fuels, biomass, and waste.
  • Catalyst synthesis and carbonous materials.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Group Coordinator

Diana Patricia López López, MSc. PhD.

PhD in Chemical Sciences

Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Group Coordinator Email


Research Group Email


Scientific Cooperation

Collaborative Relationships

  • University of Poitiers (France).
  • University of Wisconsin (USA).
  • University of Sydney (Australia).
  • Universidad de Medellin.
  • University of Lilie (France).
  • Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.
  • Universidad de Alicante (Spain).
  • Universidad Nacional.
  • Taiyuan University of Technology (China).
  • Producciones Quimicas (Chemical Productions).

Notable Projects

  • Sustainable products from biomass: Funded by Newton Funds- Colombian Ministry of Science. 2017-2019
  • Carbon gasification due to high pressure - continuing operation of phase II. Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin Campus; Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB). Ongoing
  • Design and construction of a contaminant reduction-oriented catalytic filter in internal combustion systems. Universidad de Antioquia - Hatch S.A. 2017 - ongoing.
  • Development of a catalytic filter prototype for volatile organic compound elimination. Universidad de Antioquia - Hatch S.A. 2016-2019.

Main Research Results

  • High Performance N‐Doped Carbon Electrodes Obtained via Hydrothermal Carbonization of Macroalgae for Supercapacitor Applications. ChemElectroChem, 2018, 5 (18), 2686-2693. DOI:10.1002/celc.201800603.
  • Structure, activity, and selectivity of bimetallic Pd-Fe/SiO2 and Pd-Fe/γ-Al2O3 catalysts for the conversion of furfural. Journal of Catalysis, 2017, 350, 30-40. DOI: 10.1016/j.jcat.2017.03.016.
  • Effect of Spray Parameters in a Spray Flame Reactor During FexO y Nanoparticles Synthesis. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. 2020, 29 (3), 368-383. DOI: 10.1007/s11666-020-00991-1.
  • Effect of catalyst preparation for the simultaneous removal of soot and NOx. Applied Catalysis A: General 2019, 569, 157-169. DOI:10.1016/j.apcata.2018.10.029.

Research Portafolio

  • Technical services: characterization of raw materials, and liquid and gaseous products
  • Development of carbon materials, inorganic catalysts, and carbon nanotubes
  • Development for energy valorization and waste chemistry
  • Development of research projects on the production and application of carbon nanotubes and nanocatalysts
  • Catalytic filters for VOC decomposition
  • Flame-pyrolysis reactor for catalyst production
  • Patents: "Method for preparing Iron-based catalyst and Iron-based catalyst prepared by the same." “Elimination and transformation of biodiesel production-derived waste into high energy value elements.” "Process for producing hydrogen gas and carbon nanotubes from catalytic decomposition of ethanol"

More Information


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