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jueves, 2 de diciembre 2021


Research group


Study Group in Pedagogy, Childhood, and Human Development GEPIDH

Academic Unit: Faculty of Education

Colombian Ministry of Science








Social sciences


Educational sciences

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Strategic Focus

To contribute to the well-being and development of communities in the region and the country by building and implementing teaching, research and community outreach activities in the areas of education and health from an interdisciplinary approach. GEPIDH seeks to:

promote health care in individuals and communities for infectious diseases and health situations requiring hospitalization.

promote the entry, permanence and graduation of students in Higher Education.

strengthen the health education qualifications of professionals and other stakeholders.

Research Areas and Topics

  • Gender and Pedagogy.
  • Resilience and Health.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Good health and well-being Quality Education Gender Equality Reduced inequalities Partnerships for the goals

Group Coordinator

Colombia Hernández Enríquez, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Education.

Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.

Group Coordinator Email


Scientific Cooperation

Collaborative Relationships

  • National collaboration: Epidemiology group FNSP (National School of Public Health), Universidad de Antioquia. Project with indigenous communities.
  • International collaboration: University of Manitoba, Canada. Project with indigenous communities.
  • International collaboration: Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil. Master’s level education.
  • International collaboration: Universitat de Barcelona, Spain Education proposal for Hospital Pedagogy.
  • International collaboration: Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG Application for scholarships and collaborations.
  • International collaboration: GLOT Foundation (Nomination to First Prize for Educational Justice in Latin America, organized by SUMMA -IDB supports, to the Education Endowment Foundation of the United Kingdom).

Notable Projects

  • Doctoral research with international mention and cum laude: Castro Arroyave, D. M. (2017). The spread of HIV and AIDS: Social perceptions and responses in the Wayuu of Colombia. Universidad de Granada, Spain.
  • Molecular characterization and factors associated with Hepatitis B virus infection in the Indigenous population of Colombia: A case-control study.
  • Peer Education Routes of the Universidad de Antioquia Mentoring Network: Systematization of an innovative experience. Call for Didactic Innovations of the Vicerectorship of Teaching, semester 2020-1.
  • Training Accompaniment Project (PAF) for undergraduate students of the School of Education. Funded by the School of Education of the Universidad de Antioquia, October 2020.
  • Project Reception and Welcome Strategies with the General Coordination of Academic Internships of the Universidad de Antioquia, 2019-2020.

Main Research Results

  • Bia Buma book: El VIH/Sida en los Embera Chamí de Cristianía (HIV/AIDS in the Embera Chamí of Cristianía), 2016. Ed. Universidad de Antioquia, ISBN: 9789587146776
  • UdeA Tutorial Network: Configuration and activation, 2019-2020
  • CLEO of the Universidad de Antioquia: Configuration and activation of the Reading, Writing, and Speaking Center. Acknowledged with the University Community Outreach Award, Contributions of the University to Society in the silver category, 2020
  • National and international alliances: For the development of collaborative education and research initiatives in the fields of indigenous health, hospital pedagogy, and the practice of reading, writing, and speaking
  • Publications related to indigenous health: Castro, D., et. al. (2017) Caracterización de la Situación del VIH/SIDA en los Wayuu de Colombia: Una aproximación a sus percepciones. (Characterization of the HIV/AIDS Situation in the Wayuu of Colombia. An approach to their perceptions). Chungará (Arica), 49(1), 109-119. Castro, D., et. al. (2018) Social Perceptions of HIV/AIDS among the Wayuu of Colombia. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 17(3), 224-238

Research Portafolio

  • Expert advice to authorities and officials, training of community agents, and participatory production of printed, digital, and audio educational material. This is done with the aim of supporting the search for solutions to emerging health problems in indigenous communities in Colombia. 
  • Expert advice, management and configuration of strategies for the promotion of university student entrance, permanence and graduation 
  • Design of collaborative education routes between peers in higher education.
  • Design of health education material for indigenous and rural communities for the purpose of Social Appropriation of Knowledge.
  • Design of education routes in health education and hospital pedagogy.

More Information


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