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domingo, 29 de noviembre 2020

Programas académicos

Maestría en Enseñanza y Aprendizaje de las Lenguas Extranjeras

Posted Mar 19, 2015

Master’s in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

Código SNIES 54696 • Registro Calificado 10610 del 01 de junio de 2016, vigencia 7 años


Program Features

Semesters: 4

Weeks per academic semester: 18

Total number of credits: 50

Class Schedule: Fridays 5:00pm -9:00pm and Saturdays 8:00am-12:00 pm

Number of students admitted: 23

Tuition fees: 8 minimum legal salaries

Location: School of Languages, Bloque 12 Oficina 105. University of Antioquia  


Contact Information

Email: apoyoacademicoidiomas1@udea.edu.co


Contact number: (574) 219 5797


General Objective

The Master’s Program in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning offers FL teachers working across all academic levels the critical, analytical, theoretical, and methodological elements required to conduct research in their workplaces. In this sense, the Program aims to contribute to the development of more contextualized and innovative pedagogical and research practices and to the construction of knowledge with local and international impact.

Specific Objectives

•To expand students’ research repertoire through the analysis and implementation of research projects with an impact in the field of foreign language teaching.

•To expose students to new methodological approaches to foreign language teaching and learning and provide spaces for the critical application of these principles in their classrooms.

•To facilitate the development of a strong knowledge base through the critical reading and analysis of cutting-edge literature in the field.

•To promote the construction of teacher communities of practice for the continuous improvement of schools and language programs.

Graduate Student Profile

Student who have completed the Master’s Degree in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning at Universidad de Antioquia are critical and autonomous professionals committed to their own and others’ professional development. They have an updated knowledge of the field, the capacity to reflect on their work, and the necessary research skills to design and implement research projects in their academic settings. As such, they may:

  1. Lead innovative research projects related to foreign language teaching and learning in different settings.
  2. Design and implement contextualized, relevant, and theory-based foreign language education and professional development programs.
  3. Teach in both undergraduate and graduate foreign language teacher education programs.
  4. Participate in the creation and consolidation of teachers’ networks and academic communities.

Program Research Areas

Foreign Language Professional Development and Teacher Education

This research area is concerned with the analysis and presentation of academic programs for pre-service and in-service foreign language teachers working in private and public schools. The researchers’ main objective is to construct local knowledge so that teachers at different levels can participate in pertinent and contextualized programs.

Language Policy and Educational Reform

Students in this area investigate the formulation, appropriation and implementation of education and foreign language reforms introduced in Colombia, how these policy agendas are connected to national and international reforms, and how teachers and educational actors can play a role as policymakers for the construction of a more inclusive society. Research in this area also investigates specific policy initiatives implemented in cities, universities, schools and foreign language centers for a better understanding of the educational system in Colombia, and for the continuous improvement of language teaching, learning, testing and assessment processes.

Integration of ICT to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

This area of inquiry promotes research on several issues related to the integration of ICT into foreign language learning and teaching processes. Standing out among those issues are the impact that the use of web 2.0 and media production tools may have in the development of foreign language competence, the role of ICT mediated instruction in developing learners’ autonomy, the promotion of ICT mediated effective language teaching practices, and the fostering of ICT mediated interaction and collaborative language learning. The area’s main objective is to create local knowledge that can contribute to the ever-growing understanding of the potential of ICT as supporting tools of foreign language learning and teaching.

Critical Perspectives on Language and Culture

This research area focuses on the study of teaching and learning practices in language education and culture from both critical and socio-cultural perspectives. The area aims to contribute to the production of local knowledge on language education and to have an impact on local practices at different educational levels and contexts. As such, special attention is paid to social, cultural, ideological, and political factors that shape language education in the Colombian context.

Testing, Assessment and Evaluation in Foreign Languages

This research area critically investigates discourses and practices around assessment, testing and evaluation in the field of foreign language teaching and learning and promotes democratic alternatives that sustain teacher and student learning within the context of current education and language reform trends. Researchers in this area advocate for the systematic and collective study of the following:  classroom and institutional assessment practices, the types of tests Colombian teachers and students are asked to take, the functions these tests and assessments perform, the advantages and disadvantages they have, and the critical questions both teachers and students may ask about them.

Study Program

Semester I

  • Principles of Second Language Acquisition
  • Research Line Elective
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Tutoring 1
  • Academic Reading and Writing Workshop I

Semester II

  • Language Curriculum Development
  • New Approaches in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Methods of Data Collection
  • Tutoring 2
  • Academic Reading and Writing Workshop II

Semester III

  • Language Policy, Testing, and Assessment in Foreign
  • Languages
  • Integration of ICT in Foreign Language Teaching and
  • Learning
  • Methods of Data Analysis
  • Tutoring 3

Semester IV

  • Thesis Writing
  • Thesis Research

Research Groups

Grupo de Investigación Acción y Evaluación en Lenguas Extranjeras — GIAE

Universidad de Antioquia

Coordinador: Edgar Picón

E-mail: grupogiae@udea.edu.co


Enseñanza y Aprendizaje de Lenguas Extranjeras — EALE

Universidad de Antioquia

Coordinadora: Adriana González

E-mail: adriana.gonzalez1@udea.edu.co


Cultura, Identidad y Formación en Lenguas

Universidad de Antioquia

Coordinadora: Ana María Sierra

E-mail: ana.sierra@udea.edu.co


Faculty and Research Advisors

Universidad de Antioquia

  • Adriana González, Doctor of Arts in Linguistics, State University of New York, USA.
  • Ana María Sierra, Doctor of Philosophy in Education, University of Wisconsin, USA.
  • Claudia Mesa, Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Universidad de Antioquia.
  • Diana Pineda. Doctor of Education.  University of Texas at El Paso, USA.
  • Doris Correa. Doctor of Education, University of Massachusetts, USA.
  • Edgar Picón Jacome. Master of Arts in TESOL. Greensboro College, USA. 
  • Iván Flórez, Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Universidad de Antioquia.
  • Jaime Usma, Doctor of Philosophy in Education, University of Wisconsin, USA.
  • •Janeth Ortiz, Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Universidad de Antioquia.
  • Jorge Hugo Muñoz, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. Master of Arts in English Didactics, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia.
  • •Jorge Pineda.  Doctor of Education and Technology, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain.
  • •Juan Rodrigo Bedoya, Doctor of Education, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Paula Andrea Echeverri, Doctor of Philosophy in Education, University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale, USA
  • Sandra Echeverri, Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, Universidad de Antioquia.

Invited Faculty

  • Carmen Helena Guerrero. Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. Doctor in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, University of Arizona, USA.
  • Elana Shohamy. Tel Aviv University. Post Doctorate in Second Language Acquisition and Testing. Stanford University, USA.
  • Jose Aldemar Álvarez.  Universidad del Valle. Doctor in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, University of Arizona, USA.
  • Liliana Cuesta. Universidad de la Sabana. Doctor in English Philology, Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia


Current cohort:  5th cohort  (2020-2021)

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into the Program, candidates must meet the general admission standards of University of Antioquia. The Graduate Affairs Central Committee issues a resolution with admission requirements and guidelines for each cohort. 

See Resolution 1843 in Spanish (for the fifth cohort)

See Resolution 1843 in English (for the fifth cohort)

See Information about tuition waivers and discounts:

Acuerdo Superior 438 del 27 de septiembre de 2016

Resolución Rectoral 43568 del 16 de noviembre de 2017

Contact Information
Escuela de Idiomas 
Bloque 12 oficina 105 
Phone number: +574-2195797 
Email address: apoyoacademicoidiomas1@udea.edu.co



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